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Ryan Beckford from The Childe Character Review


Character Interview: Ryan Beckford

I would love to thank Ryan Beckford for giving me the opportunity to interview him for this AWESOME book Tour!! Thanks for the invite Michele.

It's nice to be able to pick your brain Ryan.  Here are some questions I have for you!

1.  Ryan, you seem like such a nice and caring guy. Why do you hang out with Isaac and his followers?  You just don't seem to "fit" with them.   

Our families have been friends way before we were born and we’ve always lived so close together, so I guess it was a given. Isaac isn’t always a jerk, okay maybe he is most of the time, but when we were young, he was decent. Amelia is so in love with herself that it’s easy to overlook her, and the Stone twins are Isaac wannabes. 

2.  How hard was it watching Cat from afar?

I just couldn’t figure her out. She’s so different from the other girls at school and I really wanted to get to know her. But I knew but it would only mean trouble for her because of my group. So I stayed away, until, of course, I had no choice when I was asked to tutor her. Inside I was grinning, but on the surface I was acting cool.

3.  How did Isaac's harassment towards Cat affect you?

I was so angry at him. I really wanted to punch him out. But before I could, Cat handled him without my help. Isaac hates to be challenged. It did him good to have someone come back at him. I so had to hold in that laugh though.

4.  How did you feel when you were told that you would be tutoring Cat in Math?

I know I said something earlier about grinning inside while trying to be cool, in fact, I was nervous. I didn’t think she liked me and I really wanted her to.

5. If The Childe was made into a movie Ryan, who would you want to play you?

A movie? Wow that would be so awesome, but I seriously have no idea who I’d pick. I’d probably just leave it up to film guys.

6.  So Ryan, you are one of the Star football players.  Do you have any rituals you do before a big game?

Thanks for the Star thing, but I’m just one of the guys on a team that when we work together we win. I know this might sound dumb, but before I go out on the field, I knock 7 times on my helmet. Yeah dumb huh, but 7 is my lucky number.

I thought it would be fun to do a "this or that ' to get to know you better too.

-Morning or Night?   

Night, especially when it’s a full moon and when I with a certain someone.

-Sweet or Salty? 

Hmmm that’s hard I guess I would say salty, love pretzels and chips, just don’t tell coach we are supposed to stay away from junk food.  But if Cat reads this, I would say sweet, and that’s all I’m saying.

-Rock or Country?   

Love my rock, but I also love to slow dance to some great country hits.

-Stay in or Go out?   

Stay in, unless it’s a full moon, or of course if I’m out with a certain someone

-Sports or Academics?  

Academics, shocked? Well I have to keep up my grades to play sports, right? Oh yeah and of course I wouldn’t have been a tutor for Cat if I didn’t study my math.

Thanks so much Ryan for giving us your time today....I had a great time and I sure hope you did too!

Phew, kind of glad that’s over. I was sort of dreading this interview, but you made it fun.


Since Ryan wouldn't pick an actor to play him in The Childe Movie, I decided to pick one that I think captures him perfectly.  Meet my Ryan

                                                   Actor Taylor Kitsch

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  3. LOVED the interview with Ryan and LOVE THE PICTURE!!!!!

  4. Nice interview with Ryan today...and Taylor's a good choice to play Ryan.

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    We're glad you all enjoyed the interview with Ryan! Thank you Michele for the great questions :D

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