Saturday, February 4, 2012

Genesis Review

Title: Genesis
Author: Kristie Cook
Publish Date: Published October 19th 2011 by Ang'dora Productions, LLC Synopsis:
A father who reveals his truth. Twins who take different paths—one light, one dark. Angels who have plans for them both And Demons who do as well. So the Earthly battle for souls ignites… A tale that is over 2,000 years old, this is the story of the Amadis beginnings.

After reading Promise and Purpose, I thought it was time to read Genesis, a prequel to the series, to get a better understanding of how the Amadis came to be. And boy was I glad I did. It put the other stories in perspective for me and I had a better understanding of how important they are to keep the human race safe and reality in balance.
Cassandra and Jordan are twins. Living isolated with their father, they live in peace away from the rest of society. On their father’s deathbed, they learn an incredible secret that he has hidden from them, and the reason why they have lived away from others. Cassandra is amazed, Jordan is repulsed…sending them both on different paths. Cassandra for good, Jordan for evil.
Cassandra has made it her mission to search the battle fields for survivors and try to bring them back to health.  Little does she know, a soldier, Niko, will change her life forever.  Because of a arguement between Jordan and Cassandra, Jordan leaves to try and find answers to the secret their father revealed.
This is an amazing story of how the Amadis began. The struggle between good and evil and the hope that those evil souls can be won over again for good will keep your hands white knuckled. If you haven’t read this series, I recommend starting with Genesis first. It really puts the other stories into perspective. I have fallen head over heals for this whole series.
My Over All Rating:

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