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CHILD OF KITARRA by Andrea Gibb Official Blog Tour and Giveaway

Print Length: 724 pages
Publication Date: November 30, 2018
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Language: English

Book one of the Sanarii Chronicles

In Kitarra, an old force is escaping and slowly destroying the Kitarrans. Once it is free, the old spirits will die and the magic of the world will unbalance, collapsing into darkness. But the knowledge to stop it has been lost, its secrets buried and stolen. A prophecy speaks of a child who will bring balance …

The last sanarii -

Eva, the last true sanarii, uses her forbidden magic despite the risks, not realizing she could irrevocably affect the destinies of Jullayans and Kitarrans alike. Yet caught in the machinations of the Guardians and their prophecy, can she protect those she loves from the menace of dark magic threatening not just Kitarra, but all who value goodness and light?


And her hero prince -

When Illiah learned he was not just a hero, he was also the lost prince. He came to court with one thing in mind: he sought to arm Jullayah against any further attacks from the monstrous invaders. And in a land where magic is forbidden, he has secrets to hide. But when he finds himself falling into the secrets of a woman unlike any other, he must choose to fight for her and risk everything … or lose her forever.

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My Review

This new fantasy series has EVERYTHING you want and need for your imagination to fly and explore this amazing world.

Eva is betrothed to the future King since birth. He doesn't love her, barely tolerates her, while she tries her hardest to fit in with court.   Eva isn't your normal prude and refined lady.  She has learned to fight, and loves to work hard and get dirty. Although she hides this from the future king, she has other secrets she keeps close to her heart.  She craves love, but understands it will probably never be within her grasp.

UNTIL, a war in the south reveals an unknown Hero, the twin to the future King, whom all thought died at childbirth.  Illiah may look just like his brother, however they are different in every other way.  

This is a Long story...full of adventure, mystery, fantasy, hope, love, betrayal, death, darkness and light.  It is full of unique races, monsters, and evil.  Strong characters impact this story and bring it to life right before your eyes.  You can smell the campfires, see the color and beauty in the forest and kingdoms, hear the natural sounds of nature and the cries of war, evil and despair.  Eva's strength and courage defines this story. Destiny and prophecy collide to make it a legend. 

A phenomenal fantasy. Read it...let yourself fall into the story for the perfect escape.

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When not writing fantasy, Andrea Gibb can be found wandering in the forest with her dog, working on her barn-house or hanging out with her kids. She lives in the wild of Sumas Mountain, British Columbia with her husband, their two sons, and an assortment of furry creatures.

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