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Eternity Blog Tour and Giveaway

YA Paranormal Romance


 Dantanian will torture, kill for pleasure, and concoct evil schemes to get Michael’s attention; and once in his hands, he will try to destroy all the happiness Michael fought so hard to gain. Having no support from the Twelve, and with Claudia temporarily losing her powers, the venators and the alkins must work together once again to save their friends. As death draws near to those captured by Dantanian, will the gang reach them in time? Or will Michael return to the dark angel he once was and destroy everyone he loves? 

Release date 9-12-13

Halo City is a short Novella from Michael's point of view for when the saga started with Crossroads.  A definite must read for the back ground of Michael's history

My Review

Eternity erupts with action as the saga comes to a tearful close with amazing characters, outstanding loyalty, extreme action, and artistic conclusion. Thank you Mary, for allowing me to travel this amazing journey through your creative writing skills.

Eternity is the fourth and last installment of the Crossroads Saga.  What an amazing journey it has been with characters you easily fall in love with.

So much happens in Eternity.  The past comes like a tornado to hit some characters straight in the chest.  However, as love knows no boundaries, so does the loyalty of friends and family to conquer the most dreaded fears.

Eternity has mountains of action and adventure, and even though I never wanted the story to end, you can't help the anticipation for the conclusion.  As a few new characters are introduced into this last installment, the favorites are all there in full form.  How can you not love Davin and his obsession with chips and salsa?  I can not eat chips and salsa now without thinking of him.

Without giving away a lot of spoilers, briefly here are some highlights:
1.  Michael challenges his worst fear.
2. Families grow.
3. Friends are in danger.
4. Claudia has struggles.
5.  Austin is distraught.
6. The fallen....

If you have been following this series from the beginning, you won't be disappointed with the ending.  If you haven't started the series yet, this is a good time to start, because all the books are available and you won't have to wait for the next installment.

About the Author:

Mary Ting resides in Southern California with her husband and two children. She enjoys oil painting and making jewelry. Writing her first novel, Crossroads Saga, happened by chance. It was a way to grieve the death of her beloved grandmother, and inspired by a dream she once had as a young girl. When she started reading new adult novels, she fell in love with the genre. It was the reason she had to write one. Why the pen name, M Clarke? She tours with Magic Johnson Foundation to promote literacy and her children’s chapter book, No Bullies Allowed.

You can find Mary at:
Twitter   @maryting

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