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The Childe by C.A. Kunz Book Blog Tour


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Title: The Childe
Author: C.A. Kunz
Publish Date: Published February 18th 2011 by C.A. Kunz

Cat Colvin
Average Teenager?
Or Something Else Entirely?

Cat Colvin is pretty much your typical run-of-the-mill teenager. Sure, she’s taller than most girls, has a mane of fiery red hair that’s impossible to tame, is left-handed, and her eyes are two different colors, but that’s where the differences end . . . unless you include the minor detail of her slow transformation into a Childe.

High school can definitely be challenging, and for Cat it’s no different. This is especially true when she’s faced with the daunting task of trying to hide her budding Childe traits as they begin to reveal themselves at the most inopportune times. To make matters worse, her family is oddly dead set against Ryan, the boy she grows to like. But everyone has their secrets: is Ryan really what he seems to be, and what is Cat’s family not telling her?

The Childe is the first book in this coming-of-age fantasy series which follows Cat's life through the twists and turns toward finding out whom and what she really is. Come and take the plunge with Cat into a world filled with mystery, biting humor, and the paranormal
The childe is hunted. They are not supposed to exist.

Cat is a typical teenager who is sheltered by her parents. After convincing her parents, she finally attends public school where she tries to fit in. On her first day, she has a run in with a group that gives her a hard time, and continues to torment her. Why? She’s new, and has not caused any problems.

Cat starts experiencing strange dreams that seem weird but real, and at random times, have unexplained experiences. She begins to wonder if she is losing it. Her parents and brother Tyler are very protective of her.

Ryan, a member of Isaac’s tormenting group, is drawn to Cat. He watches her from afar until he is assigned to tutor Cat for Math. He knows he shouldn’t have feelings for Cat, but can’t seem to control them.

Cat has an amazing group of friends that are always there to support each other…Matt, Amanda and Elle.

Girls are starting to disappear, which causes panic in the community, and curfews are enforced. Not only is the community gathering to protect, but also a secret group who is trying to figure out who is responsible.

The Childe is an insanely incredible story that will grab your attention for wanting more. I love the personalities of the characters, and at times found myself laughing aloud at the real life teenage experiences. The finale will definitely keep you in suspense!  The story has mystery that will definately keep you interested and in suspense.  I admire Cat for wanting to live a normal life by not being so sheltered by her family.  And the ending....grrrr....definately a cliff hanger that will make you BEG for Dark Days!

My Over All Rating:

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  1. Just finished reading The Childe last night. Wow, just wow. You blew me away. Chomping at the bit for my book budget to reload, so I can buy Dark Days.

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  2. This book keeps looking better and better. I can't wait to read it!

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  4. I enjoyed reading the book. The book sounds very good.


  5. This is fabulous thank you!!

    GFC: Mary Preston


  6. I think the entire series is fantastic!!! I can't wait to meet the authors :)

  7. The Childe is a great read and pulls you into the story as you read it which makes it hard to put the book down. I love stories of the supernatural just like some family members I know. Can't wait to hopefully see the authors in the near future.

  8. Excellent post!! A big shout out to all that are involved in this! Your hard work is paying off!

    I follow this blog and C.A. Kunz's blog (Mandy)
    Like both pages on facebook (Mandy Luy)!/werenotstupid/posts/316686088374872!/MandibleLewis/status/161812760857034753

  9. Great post! I really like Cat.
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    FB post:

    artgiote at gmail dot com

  10. First of all I want to apologize for not posting a question until now Michele and all you wonderful people who have left comments. This is Carol, Adam is so good at doing this and he went to bed early and left it to me. Again I'm sorry. Now for the question:
    Ryan is Cat's__________Tutor. Be sure you go to to leave your answer. Again I am so sorry I dropped the ball :)