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COMEUPPANCE SERVED COLD by Marion Deeds Official Blog Tour and Guest Post


ASIN ‏ : ‎ B0927CQSSN
Publisher ‏ : ‎ Tordotcom (March 22, 2022)
Publication date ‏ : ‎ March 22, 2022
Language ‏ : ‎ English


A Most Anticipated Pick for The Nerd Daily | Autostraddle

"I love a good heist, and this is a beautifully constructed magical heist in turn-of-the-century Seattle." ―Mary Robinette Kowal

"This fierce magical heist tale is as smooth as gin and jazz." ―Beth Cato

"Catnip for those who like watching con artists walk the tightrope of trickery and lies." ―Marie Brennan

"[A] captivating noir fantasy. . .Deeds presents all this intrigue in reverse chronological order, spinning out mysteries that will keep readers guessing till the end. The result is a well-crafted puzzle; readers’ only complaint will be that they want more." ―Publishers Weekly, starred review

"A fun, fast-moving heist story that will immediately hook readers who love 1920s-era worlds and soft-fantasy world building." ―Booklist, starred review

"Readers who love heist and caper stories will be thrilled with Dolly and her quest to deliver much-deserved comeuppance to those who believed they are above the law. The gas-lamp setting gives just the right touch of magic and creeping dread to Deeds’s novel." ―Library Journal

"A deliciously fun novella set in 1929 Seattle is just what is needed for your bookshelves. . . .Beginning at the ending and following the path backwards through a magical heist, this story brings comeuppance to all." ―Buzzfeed

"Deeds tells her story with nuance and subtly, luring you into a false sense of pleasantry. From the first page to the very last word, I was enthralled with this tale of thievery and lies." ―Grimdark Magazine

Seattle, 1929—a bitterly divided city overflowing with wealth, violence, and magic.

A respected magus and city leader intent on criminalizing Seattle’s most vulnerable magickers hires a young woman as a lady’s companion to curb his rebellious daughter’s outrageous behavior.

The widowed owner of a speakeasy encounters an opportunity to make her husband’s murderer pay while she tries to keep her shapeshifter brother safe.

A notorious thief slips into the city to complete a delicate and dangerous job that will leave chaos in its wake.

One thing is for certain—comeuppance, eventually, waits for everyone.

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Ten Books I Loved, and Think You Will Too


Not all of these are 2022 releases.

1. The Chosen and the Beautiful by Nghi Vo came out in June, 2021. This is a magical retelling of The Great Gatsby and so much more. Vo imagines a completely different interpretation for Fitzgerald’s minor character, Jordan Baker, and The Chosen and the Beautiful is her story. The magic is exquisite, and so is the writing.

2. Dead Silence by S.A. Barnes. This is horror, a haunted-starship story, brilliantly done. A troubled first-person narrator who may have an extraordinary ability, or be mentally ill, and her crew board a space luxury liner that vanished without a trace years ago. What could possibly go wrong? Our narrator’s self-doubt makes the story even more credible and suspenseful.

3. The Annual Migration of Clouds, by Premee Mohamad. This sparse novella tackles so many issues; the consequences of climate change, the social contract between an individual and a community, coming of age, interaction with a different species. The story is about Reid, a young woman in a subsistence community, who is accepted to a mysterious academy. Reid, like her mother and many others, has been colonized by a fungus that exerts more control over her nervous system as it grows. Her compound is so self-sufficient, so complete, that Reid’s leaving creates a hole. Is leaving the right thing? Will the fungus even let her? Mohamad plays out these issues honestly, elegantly and with optimism.

4. The Sentence by Louise Erdrich. At first, this seems like a story about a haunted bookstore, and it is—at least, Tookie, who is a bookseller in a bookstore run by a well-known writer named Louise, is being haunted. About a third of the way through the story, things change, as Erdrich takes us through the Black Lives Matter movement and the first months of the pandemic. She never forgets the ghost, or Tookie and her family.

5. Siren Queen, by Nghi Vo, which comes out in May, 2022. Siren Queen is set in the 1930s, in Hollywood, in the same world as The Chosen and the Beautiful or at least one very much like it. Luli Wei is a Chinese American girl enthralled by movies, who wants to be a star, and she faces racism and misogyny in her journey. Magic fills this world and definitely fills the world of movies, but the corrupt studio system, with its control and exploitation of talent, looks the same as in our world, at least at first. The characters and the prose are beautiful and the movies are wonderful.

6. Inheritors of Power by Juliette Wade. This is the third book in Wade’s The Broken Trust series. It came out this year, but you must read the two previous books. This is pure science fiction, following a society who long ago colonized another planet. Wade is studying systems, how they function and how they fail. Specifically, the nation of Varin uses a rigid caste system. The caste system is failing society, and the response of the power elite is to “double down” on some already bad decisions. What happens when power is concentrated rather than decentralized? It sounds academic, but we view these questions through the lens of one or two families, and those relationships are intense and complicated. The world of Varin is exquisitely imagined.

7.  Revelator is Daryl Gregory’s gothic horror novel, set in the 1940s in what is now the Great Smokey National Park. Stella is a successful moonshiner, determined never to go back to the rural home she fled when she was a child. Stella is part of a family with a strange heritage. When her grandmother dies, she has to go back and face what she fled. Side by side with terrifying and strange images of the God in the Mountain are expertly written scenes of Stella and her partner mixing up the latest batch of ‘shine. Gregory captures the speech rhythm of the time and place, there’s plenty of action, and a creepy, powerful, terrifying thing living in the mountain.

8. Bacchanal by Veronica G. Henry. Bacchanal is a battle of powers, set in a Black traveling carnival in USA in the 1940s and 50s. The magical characters in the carnival are drawn from African folklore. The writing is beautiful, the characters intriguing and distinctive, and the time period perfectly evoked.

9. The Liar’s Knot by M. A. Carrick. This is the second book in the Rook and Rose series. M.A. Carrick is the pen-name of Marie Brennan (the Lady Trent series) and Alyc Helms (the Dragons of Heaven series). Book Two delivers on the promise of the first book, The Mask of Mirrors, as it follows wily young con artist Ren, her sister Tess and a host of characters in the magical city of Nedežra. If you love crime lords, decadent aristocrats, masked vigilantes, con artists, complicated loyalties, sharp banter, magic and fashion, this series is for you.

10. Grave Reservations by Cherie Priest. Leda Foley is a psychic and a travel agent in Seattle. When she intervenes psychically (by changing his flight plans) and saves the life of a police detective Grady Merritt, she comes to his attention as someone he can use to solve a case. Priest always has interesting characters, a gripping premise, and brilliant settings. This book had all of those things and it made me laugh out loud.


Photo Content from Marion Deeds

Marion Deeds was born in Santa Barbara, California and moved to northern California when she was five. She loves the redwoods, the ocean, dogs and crows.

She’s fascinated by the unexplained, and curious about power: who has it, who gets it, what is the best way to wield it. These questions inform her stories.

Deeds has published Aluminum Leaves and Copper Road from Falstaff Books, with short works in Podcastle and several anthologies. She reviews fiction and writes a column for the review site Fantasy Literature.

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