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NOW, THEN AND EVERYWHEN by Rysa Walker Official Blog Tour

Print Length: 503 pages
Page Numbers Source ISBN: 1612189199
Publisher: 47North (April 1, 2020)
Publication Date: April 1, 2020
Sold by: Services LLC
Language: English


“Walker (the CHRONOS Files series) opens the CHRONOS Origins series with this ambitious time-travel adventure…a twisty narrative that expertly blends the past and the future. Fans of intelligent time-travel stories will be rewarded.” —Publishers Weekly

“Fans of Walker’s (Courier to the Stars, 2019, etc.) CHRONOS Files series will enjoy seeing the pieces of that mythology falling into place here, but new readers can easily jump in to this origin story with no prior knowledge. An enjoyable, mind-bending time-travel adventure.” —Kirkus Reviews

From the bestselling author of the Chronos series comes a page-turning novel of time travel, fast-paced action, and history-changing events.

When two time-traveling historians cross paths during one of the most tumultuous decades of the twentieth century, history goes helter-skelter. But which one broke the timeline?

In 2136 Madison Grace uncovers a key to the origins of CHRONOS, a time-travel agency with ties to her family’s mysterious past. Just as she is starting to jump through history, she returns to her timeline to find millions of lives erased—and only the people inside her house realize anything has changed.

In 2304 CHRONOS historian Tyson Reyes is assigned to observe the crucial events that played out in America’s civil rights movement. But a massive time shift occurs while he’s in 1965, and suddenly the history he sees isn’t the history he knows.

As Madi’s and Tyson’s journeys collide, they must prevent the past from being erased forever. But strange forces are at work. Are Madi and Tyson in control or merely pawns in someone else’s game?

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My Review

This story is a time travel novel, going back into time to a very important part of American History. But not only that, it involves the origin of Chronos, and how time travel started.

I found out that after I finished this book, that there is a trilogy, and this story is actually a prequel to that. Pretty cool. I am very interested in checking out those stories as well.

I will recommend when diving into this story, to observe the dates at the beginning of the chapter.  That is very helpful in following along with this story. BECAUSE, not only are you going on a time traveling adventure, it goes back and forth in the timeline of the actually story. Does that make sense? Sort of like a flashback, or a look into the future.

Anyway, I really enjoyed this story. The characters were fun to learn about and how everyone fit into the story.  I will say to write a story like this, it must take incredible organization to keep everything straight in your mind!  It was a thrill to wrap my mind around the events.  Crazy to imagine how one simple little mistake or action that you made could change the timeline and change history from what you first remembered it or learned about it in history class.

I would say to read it slow, so you can follow the story, completely absorb it, and enjoy the creative imagination of the author.

If you like time travel and history, I think you will really enjoy this book.  It had several twists, a little bit of mystery, and a HUGE surprise when the characters in each timeline meet.

Photo Content from Rysa Walker

RYSA WALKER is the author of the bestselling CHRONOS Files series. Timebound, the first book in the series, was the Young Adult and Grand Prize winner in the 2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards. The CHRONOS Files has sold nearly half a million copies since 2013 and has been translated into fourteen languages.

In addition to speculative fiction, she occasionally writes mysteries as C. Rysa Walker.

Rysa currently resides in North Carolina with her husband, two youngest sons, and a hyperactive golden retriever. When not working on the next installment in her CHRONOS Files universe, she watches shows where travelers boldly go to galaxies far away, or reads about magical creatures and superheroes from alternate timelines. She has neither the time nor the patience for reality TV.

If you see her on social media, please tell her to get back into the writing cave.

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