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A MURDER ON JANE STREET by Cathy Cash Spellman Blog Tour


A brutal murder.
A heinous secret
A deadly conspiracy.

The brutal murder of the little old lady next door puts FitzHugh Donovan on the case. A retired New York City Police Chief, he knows a cover-up when he sees one and his Irish Cop conscience can’t let that happen.

Now, Fitz, his family and his quirky band of Bleecker Street Irregulars are ensnared in the bizarre secret the woman died to protect.

Is this a 75-year-old cold case turned hot again, or an unspeakable crime-in-progress that could alter the course of the world?

Fitz doesn’t yet know how high the stakes are, that failure isn’t an option, and that the little old lady was so much more than she appeared. But he’s trying to keep everyone alive long enough to find out.

Characters you’ll care about, dark shocking secrets, and disturbing similarities to today’s political scene, will keep you turning pages to an ending you won’t see coming.  


"Family ties tighten and bonds of affection grow stronger as a family is trapped between ruthless forces struggling for the highest stakes: control of a world to be subjected to unimaginable evil. As.parents, children and loved ones risk all to protect one another, events accelerate towards a conclusion that is in doubt until the last page is turned. A terrific read!" ―Richard Gid Powers author of The Mystery of the Trinity

"A MURDER ON JANE STREET is a gripping summer thriller filled with history, adventure, and an intriguing mystery. Cathy Cash Spellman will keep readers on the edge of their seat" ―Charles Brokaw, New York Times Bestselling author of The Atlantis Code

Cathy paints a picture with the most radiant phrasing and colorful words! I’m a fan of her books and have read every one of them, always wishing that she’ll write more! That hope was answered with A MURDER ON JANE STREET. This compelling gem of a mystery is also a history, a conspiracy, and a modern-day morality tale rolled into one. Yes there is a murder, deadly secrets and treachery, but at its heart, it’s also about family, friendship and having the courage to do the right thing in the face of nearly insurmountable odds. This brilliant author has created yet another home run! Her narrative, coupled with an edge-of-your-seat contemporary mystery thriller, have characters that warmed my heart and an unexpected ending that I absolutely LOVED! ―Adria de Haume, author of Cross Purpose

"Do NOT read this book unless you are willing to be seduced by a dozen incredibly keen people without whom the world as we know it might cease to exist." ―K.T. Maclay author of Beginners Guide to Death and Dying in Oaxaca

Excerpt #3 
by Cathy Cash Spellman

Mrs. W’s Journal
My journey was a litany of horrors. The weather was ferocious, my exhausted horse was malnourished within days. Once, I traded an emerald brooch for a loaf of stale bread and a handful of oats for my mount, feeling grateful for the bargain.
“Wolves tracked us by night, howling, hungry. I understood their need for I, too, was starving and weakening because of it. I was struck dumb by the suffering. Everywhere one’s eyes alighted there was anguish and ugliness.
I had learned from bitter experience to stay clear of humans if I could, but finally I knew that soon I would be able to go no farther. I had eaten only scraps of rotting garbage for three days. My horse had been stolen by a man who had begged aid at the roadside, then smashed my head with a rock when I stooped to help him. He’d left me to die in his place, robbing me of what warm clothing I wore, the horse, and all my meager possessions.
I awakened in a fugue state, near dusk. Injured and freezing, I dragged myself upright, uncertain if I could walk at all; my vision was blurred and my last strength had ebbed as I’d lain on the frozen earth. Dazed, depleted, despairing, I trudged for a time on blocks of ice that had once been feet, how long I do not know. Night fell and I knew I would not see morning.
But then, in my semiconscious state, I saw a structure materialize through the falling snow, to the far left of the road. It was not a mirage as I’d feared, but a ramshackle barn with a hand-lettered sign by the door that read “Gerhardt Steiner.” Praise God the door was unlatched, for I hadn’t the strength to force it.
I dragged my frozen body to the farthest interior corner, and burrowing as best I could into a stack of vermin-infested hay for warmth, I lay my throbbing, bloodied head down and consigned my soul to God.
Sometime later I woke from a sleep so deep I had no idea where I was or why, to find a large, shabbily clad man bending over me. His weathered face showed consternation and something more complex—concern, compassion, fear? Perhaps all three. What it did not show was the feral ferocity I had encountered on the road. There was gentleness in his middle-aged countenance and his tired eyes were kind.
“Stay down! You must not yet move, fraulein!” he whispered in an urgent, educated voice. “You are injured, starving. I must fetch you water. And blankets, ya?” he added as an afterthought. “Later, when it is full dark, we must hide you within the house—you will be safer there.”
Fitz laid the book over his knee and took a sip of the strong honey-laced tea that sat on the table beside him. This was a turn in the story he had not been expecting. Could this be a tale of love as well as war, he wondered, heartened by the thought. Now, wouldn’t that be grand, entirely?
He’d call Itzak with one more piece to add to the puzzle.
Copyright © 2019 by Cathy Cash Spellman

My Review


You never know who you might have living next door to you, and the impact they may had in history.

This story is SO brilliantly written...a murder mystery with twists galore... this story comes to life right before your eyes with clues, conspiracy theories, action and suspense.  It keeps you guessing until the very end. New Technology has a huge impact in this story that unravels a secret a woman kept secret for 75 crazy is that?

I loved all the characters in this they all worked together to keep a promise to the little old lady next door.  The story is superb on all levels...I seriously can't rave enough about it..and I don't usually read mysteries...but I sure want to collect everything this author has written because, wow, what an amazing creative imagination!

It was so rewarding to watch this woman's life unfold before your eyes and the total respect Fitz and his own band of soldiers developed. Family, loyalty, and going beyond your limits to do what is right, flourishes throughout.

No spoilers in this review because you really need to experience it first hand!  I have always had a fascination with WW2 because my grandfather was a soldier, and growing up with his stories...and my husband's family is German...I always wondered if their paths crossed.


Multiple New York Times and International Bestsellers, a Paramount Movie, book sales in 22 countries, Cathy Cash Spellman writes stories about love, friendship, adventure, and history. Known for her big sprawling sagas and memorable characters, Cathy writes the kind of stories women like to lose themselves in, and then remember long after the book is done.

Her books range through several genres: contemporary, historical, mystery, mystic and romance. Several take place in two time-frames, both current and historical.

Bless the Child was a Paramount movie in 2000, starring Kim Basinger and Jimmy Smits, and Paint The Wind has been optioned for film and TV.

Cathy is an Astrologer, Martial Artist (Black Belt Goju Ryu Karate) and has expertise in Chinese Medicine, several alternative healing modalities and many metaphysical disciplines.

She has written for Self, Harper’s Bazaar, Town & Country, Mademoiselle, Cosmo, Penthouse, Mode, Kung Fu and many other magazines about women, health, empowerment, sexuality, spiritual philosophy and Astrology. She blogs for The Huffington Post and The New York Times.


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