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Project Cain Book Tour and Giveaway

Fifteen-year-old Jeff Jacobson had never heard of Jeffrey Dahmer, the infamous serial killer who brutally murdered seventeen people more than twenty years ago. But Jeff’s life changes forever when the man he’d thought was his father hands him a government file telling him he was constructed in a laboratory only seven years ago, part of a top-secret government cloning experiment called ‘Project CAIN’.

There, he was created entirely from Jeffrey Dahmer’s DNA. There are others like Jeff—those genetically engineered directly from the most notorious murderers of all time: The Son of Sam, The Boston Strangler, Ted Bundy . . . even other Jeffrey Dahmer clones. Some raised, like Jeff, in caring family environments; others within homes that mimicked the horrific early lives of the men they were created from.

When the most dangerous boys are set free by the geneticist who created them, the summer of killing begins. Worse, these same teens now hold a secret weapon even more dangerous than the terrible evil they carry within. Only Jeff can help track the clones down before it’s too late. But will he catch the ‘monsters’ before becoming one himself?

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My Review

Project Cain...what a creative and creepy idea of being cloned from a serial killer.

Jeff's world is turned upside down in one night when he learns that his father is not his father, and he is in fact a clone of a serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer, created in a lab as an experiment to see if a different style of soldier could be created.  He's on the run, with no where to go, and not completely understanding who is trying to catch him.  He eventually finds an ally, and together, they try to stop the fear and chaos that is spreading across the states.  Many other clone serial killers are out there, and clues from Jeff's father is the only way that he will be able to find them and rescue those who possess no evil.

As Jeff learns about how he came into existence, he questions whether he will be evil like his "father" was years before him.

I didn't know what to expect when I started reading this, however when I started, I just couldn't stop. The complete plot was intriguing in a creepy way that held my interest completely.  The style of writing was unique, in that it was written as Jeff was telling his story in a journal.  I felt the story was cleverly plotted out.  It was full of action from the first page to the last, with unexpected events and revelations being thrown at you from all directions.

I enjoyed reading this because it was something totally different from what I usually read.  It has science, government agencies, and emotion where you least expect.  There were moments that literally made you think....and wonder what could really be going on behind the scenes in the real world today.

Be prepared for a wild ride, and ponder the idea that cremation might be a good idea for insane criminals!

Geoffrey Girard is an award-winning fiction author whose works have appeared in several best-selling anthologies and magazines, including Writers of the Future (a 2003 winner), Murky Depths, Apex Horror & Science Fiction Digest, and the Stoker-nominated Dark Faith anthology. His first book, Tales of the Jersey Devil, thirteen original tales based on American folklore, was published in 2005, followed by Tales of the Atlantic Pirates (2006) and Tales of the Eastern Indians (2007). Simon and Schuster will publish two Girard novels in 2013: CAIN'S BLOOD, a techno thriller, and PROJECT CAIN, a spinoff novel for teen/YA readers. 

Born in Germany, shaped in New Jersey and currently living in Ohio. Geoffrey graduated from Washington College with a literature degree and worked as an advertising copywriter and marketing manager, later shifting to high school English teacher. He is currently the English Dept. Chair at a private boys school in Ohio and is an MA candidate in Creative Writing at Miami University. 

He has presented seminars and workshops on creative writing at colleges, elementary schools, bookstores and writers' organizations and can also be spotted speaking at various conventions/events.


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