Friday, December 28, 2012

Shadeskin Review

Title: Shadeskin

Author: by Jason Craft , B.L. White, Amanda White

Publish Date: Published May 14th 2012 by Supremacy Press

Lurking beneath the veil of reality, a supernatural war threatens to consume the city of Shreveport, Louisiana. The Illumin, messengers of light, strive to protect the city's human inhabitants from the vicious Shades. Banished from their natural world, the Shades carve out a restless existence among us. The powerful Raven family stands between the warring Shades and Illumin, struggling to maintain a delicate balance while ensuring that everyone else remains unaware. In the nearby town of Wheelbarrow Creek, an Aztec relic makes its way into Matthew Gillard’s hands, unlocking an evil with the power to bring back the dead. Impossible to control, the relic bends him to its will. Now Raven, Shade, and Illumin hunt after this newfound threat. Shadeskin is an urban fantasy anthology born from the minds of three authors. The five stories contained within build a world of light and shadow ready for the daring reader to explore.

Shadeskin is an intense read about the battle between Light and Dark and those caught between.

 The Illumin is the light force brought to protect the humans from that Shades of darkness. The Raven family is the ones that make the weapons for the Illumin to help them defeat the Shades.

 Matt is a human that stumbles upon an Aztec relic that holds an incredible dark force. Matt has no clue what horror and chaos he is about to unleash to the world.

 Shadeskin is a powerful read, five stories written by three authors. Each story forces you deeper into the plot. With new characters introduced in each story, it is fascinating to watch how everything intertwines together and comes to the dramatic conclusion. Even though it is an intense read about light and dark, the humans bring in a little humor at times.

 I really enjoyed this group of stories, and feel honored to be asked to review it. I am completely amazed how these three authors came together to write these stories and how they flowed from one to another. It is an awesome read with TONS of action!!

My Over All Rating:

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