Thursday, August 23, 2012

Aerenden by Kristen Taber Review

Title: Aerenden

Author: Kristen Taber

Publish Date: Published May 21st 2012 by Sean Tigh Press

Red-eyed creatures have brutally murdered seventeen-year-old Meaghan's parents. After nearly sharing their fate, she escapes with her best friend, Nick, who confesses the creatures, known as Mardróch, came from another world. And so did she. Afraid to face her parents' killers again, Meaghan follows Nick into the kingdom of Ærenden. Their journey leads them across war-torn lands and through hazardous wilderness. Vines have the ability to attack. Monkeys freeze their victims with a gaze. Men create bombs from thin air. Even Meaghan's gift of empathy proves to be a dangerous power she cannot control. But control becomes the least of her problems when the Mardróch begin targeting her. As she and Nick race for the safety of his village, she discovers he knows the reason they want her. And his secret may cost Meaghan her life.
*sing song voice* LOVED this story!!!

Meaghan’s world is turned upside down when she watches her father take his last breath, and discovers her mom dead not to far away from him. The creatures who killed them are still in the house, and Nick grabs Meagan and they run for their lives. Meaghan was confused by the chain of events and the bizarre creatures she saw. Nick doesn’t have time to explain to her what is going on, but rushes her on to try and find safety by going through a portal.

Meaghan finds herself no longer on earth, and an over abundance of questions for Nick. Nick is slow to give information to Meaghan as they travel through Aerenden to Nick’s home. However, they do have help along the way, and each step closer to Nick’s home Meaghan starts to learn who she really is and what that identity means.

I loved the world of Aerenden and how it resembles Earth in the way of landscapes, however different because of the magic the people and creatures of the planet possess. I found myself visualizing this world and feeling the hardships and simple living the people endure, but also harboring the incredible Hope that keeps them going. Finding out Meaghan’s identity with her, and what is expected of her is an adventure in itself. Nick’s “hot and cold” behavior towards Meaghan is frustrating but exhilarating at the same time with his battle with his heart and the sacred rules he is bound by. This story has it all, amazing plot, heartache, loyalty and betrayal, friendships, love, and the powerful hope that the kingdom will become full of glory once again. It is insanely amazing, and I can NOT wait for the next book in the series.

It’s so good, I think keyboards should have the AE together key so that I can Type the correct spelling of this novel’s title! Readers and followers should definitely try this story, there’s just SO MUCH MORE!
My Over All Rating:

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