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Something Precious Blog Tour, Review and Giveaway

Jax and Rachel return in Something Precious by M. Clarke NOW AVAILABLE ON THE FOLLOWING RETAILERS:
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As Jax and Rachel start their lives together, finally engaged and living in Los Angeles, all seems right with the world until Chloe wants to enter their lives again. She wants to be closer to her son, Jace, and in order to keep the peace, Jax agrees. Unfortunately, trouble seems to be swirling in the air when Rachel’s high school crush enters their lives; meanwhile Chloe proclaims to be pregnant.

Rachel is left questioning whether Jax is the one she wants to live happily ever after with, while they are left pondering who could be the father of Chloe’s baby. Could their relationship be strong enough to surpass these obstacles or will this mean the end of Jax and Rachel's love.

Excerpt #1
Rachel yawned, dragging her feet across the beige carpet. “I need to ask you a question.”
I wasn’t sure if I had heard her right. My mind was somewhere else. Ignoring her, I took her to our bathroom and turned on the shower.
“Jax, what are you doing? I told you—”
The water running muted the rest of her words. With my eyes locked on hers, I said, “I think someone needs a shower.”
“Huh?” Her sleepy eyes popped open. Leaning against the cabinet, she had nowhere to go.
I took three long strides to her before she could blink and I sealed my lips to hers. Rachel sucked in air and I heard a defeated whimper. She seemed to love this sudden show of lust pouring out of me. Grabbing her ass, I slowed down the pace and tenderly trailed my kisses down her neck to her shoulder. As I continued to kiss her, I slowly peeled the layers of her clothes as she did the same with mine.
I led her to the shower and embraced her in my arms. The warm water pouring between us was hot and arousing. My body was already on fire, but touching her flesh and hearing Rachel moan drove me wild. Slow down, I told myself. She was going to leave me for four days soon, and even though four days wasn’t that long, I wanted to savor this moment with her.

My Review
 A Sultry romance with vindictive drama, this series just gets better with intense emotions!

When you fall for characters, and just can't get enough, you just hope and pray to the "word" gods that the author never stops.  One thing about this series, you feel that connection with the characters...they feel real...in my head they are real.  And I love how all the characters are connected in one way, and past favorites keep showing an appearance in each story.

Jax and Rachel's romance continues. They are planning a wedding and life together. Jace has really started to bond with Rachel, and you can feel the love poor off the pages.  However, when Chloe wants to start being involved more in Jace's life, that's when the vindictive B@#*$ comes out to play. And boy, does she have some evil up her sleeves.

Jax and Rachel's relationship is definitely tested.  It makes Rachel question whether she is ready to take on everything that has happened in such a short period of time.  You feel her heartache.  But you know, love becomes more powerful when you know it's right and you have to fight for it.  It makes it all that Something Precious.

A toe curler for sure, this story just speeds with intensity...you just can't get enough, and really want to bitch-slap Chloe.  Yeah, it pulls that much emotion from you, from deep down in the gut.  Steamy romance, The Knight Brothers, models, and a whirlwind of adventure, this story is "THE BOMB."

Have you started this series yet?  

Something Precious, perfect title for a story that is building a family on Love, not just blood.

Something Great Series Reading Order

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Author Information

Mary Ting resides in Southern California with her husband and two children. She enjoys oil painting and making jewelry. Writing her first novel, Crossroads Saga, happened by chance. It was a way to grieve the death of her beloved grandmother, and inspired by a dream she once had as a young girl. When she started reading new adult novels, she fell in love with the genre. It was the reason she had to write one-Something Great. Why the pen name, M Clarke? She tours with Magic Johnson Foundation to promote literacy and her children’s chapter book-No Bullies Allowed.

Twitter @MaryTing https://twitter.com/MaryTing
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