Sunday, August 16, 2015

Desperate Whispers Kindle Edition New Release and Giveaway

Desperate Whispers Kindle Edition

by Jessa Ely 

Dane Corbett had left Eva Falls in pursuit of dreams.
When he is drawn back to the very place from which
he ran, he discovers the mayor’s daughter lying in a
ditch. She is not the same vibrant woman he left
behind, and he wants answers. 

The demons of Rachel Ryan’s past cloud

her present, yet her carefully built walls of isolation
weaken as she is drawn to Dane. She fights the desperate
whispers telling her to flee, wanting instead to surrender her fears. 

Reaching beyond shame and sorrow, they discover a

love that even a deadly vendetta cannot destroy.

A first chapter excerpt can be found here: 

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Most likely you’ll find Jessa writing her heart out each
day in her little part of the world. She loves coffee and
cupcakes. Shoes and purses. Tends to Google way too much.
Thinks tattoos are awesome. She loves all kinds of music and
playing Farmville 2 on her phone when no one is looking.
Her heart melts while watching rescue dog videos, often crying
when misery turns into a real happily ever after. She believes in
the happiness of her characters and giving her readers a satisfying ending…


$20 Amazon Gift Card and 1 ebook copy of Desperate Whispers

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