Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Straight A's are NOT Enough by Judy Fishel Spotlight

Straight A’s Are Not Enough
by Judy Fishel

  Book Synopsis

Many Straight-A students memorize facts, do well on exams, then soon forget nearly everything. What a terrible waste of time, effort and money.  Too often, parents and teachers praise students for their grades, not what they learned.  Many books on study skills also suggest ways to get high grades rather than focusing on learning. This book will help students do both: They can learn more, get a great education and still make good grades.
 In this book, students will discover:
·         Flexible time management
·         Research-based learning strategies
·         Test-Preparation without cramming
·         20 strategies for organizing information
·         10 ways of thinking
·         10 pathways to long-lasting memory
·         Ways to strengthen concentration and willpower
·         Skills employers want most
·         How to get a life-changing education
Straight A’s Are Not Enough is a research-based book and is still fun to read. It includes memorable stories, vivid metaphors, diagrams and, best of all, a few comic strips. You can read about the monkeys who enjoyed doing puzzles and why they lost interest. You will be shocked when you understand why 5000 girls every year do not get the credit they deserve for AP Calculus. Even more surprising is that both stories reveal how you can learn more effectively.
Straight A’s Are Not Enough is written for:
·         High School students who are preparing for college.
·         College freshmen who need to get organized learn the most effective strategies and habits.
·         Other college students who want to improve their strategies and habits and who will appreciate the section of what employers want most.
·         Teachers, parents and others interested in the recent research and new ideas about how we learn.

Author Bio

Judy Fishel is an award-winning science and math teacher who went from asking how to learn more in college to asking how she could help her students learn more effectively. Her efforts led to twice winning the Presidential Award for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics. When she retired, she created two websites on study skills, one for high school and one for college students. As she discovered even more exciting research on how we learn, she knew she needed to write a book, a book that could help students be more excited about learning and to get the kind of great education they need.
She lives in South-eastern  Florida with her husband, Bob.  They both  enjoy bird watching, world travel, photography, reading  gardening and playing with their four delightful grandchildren.


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