Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Dylan Graves and the Yojin Village (Dylan Graves #1) Spotlight by T.S. Mercaldi

Way up in the mountains, there is a quiet little village where super heroes are born. A place where school kids take telepathy class after social studies, and even learn the sword skills of the ancient Samurai. 

It’s a place that 14-year-old Dylan Graves had never dreamed could be real. 

After spending a decade in a dirty old group home, with temporary foster kids coming and going like flavors of the month; Dylan Graves preferred the company of his comic books, and his one friend, Irene Lima. 

Until one night, when a scary man emerged from the darkness, and chased them away from their familiar city streets. Now Dylan and Irene will find that comic books are realer than they’d ever imagined, and Dylan will discover a dark secret on his family tree, and be forced to ask the question: 

Are we born with evil in our hearts, or do we have the power to choose?

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