Wednesday, July 16, 2014

ALA Vegas 2014

I got to go to Vegas!!  And on top of that, it was for the Convention for the ALA.

It was a trip that my mother and I had planned since I went to ALA in Chicago last year. I had so much fun, so we decided to do the Vegas trip.

It was my Mom's first time flying.

I had such a blast, and picked up WAY too many books. Some duplicated that I didn't realize that I had picked up, so I will be holding some giveaways soon to share!

I had to ship back 5 boxes home.



Box 2 was damaged. I have no idea how many books I lost. It was half full and I know I had it packed totally full. I just can't remember what I had in it, so hoping I didn't lose any signed books. So, to the USPS, hope you are enjoying all the books that are floating around there somewhere.




I totally didn't expect to get this many books. There were a lot more book drops than there was in Chicago.

ANYWAY, I got to meet a lot of authors.  I only got a few Pictures. In my excitement, I just plain forgot!

I got a couple books signed by amazing Holly Black!

I was in the Entangled Booth, and asked about a book there, and it so happened to be the author's book I was interested in, Tonya Kuper.  She is SO nice.  I had a lot of fun with her, and can't wait until her book released Nov 4. BE SURE to check it out, It's called aNOMaLY.

What if the world isn't what we think? What if reality is really only an illusion? What if you were one of the few who could control it?

Yeah, Josie Harper didn't believe it, either, until strange things started happening. When this hot guy tried to kidnap her, shouting about ultimate observers and pushing and consortiums hell-bent on controlling the world… Well, that's when things got real. Now Josie's got it bad for a boy who weakens her every time he's near and a world of enemies on her tail who want to control her gift, so yeah, she's going to need more than just her wits if she hopes to survive much longer.


I also got to meet a few fellow bloggers!

This is Sophia Riggsby. She bloggers for Mundie Moms and also blogs for PageTurners Blog, who I ALSO help blog and review for. So I was really excited to meet her in real life!
Funny thing, we just happened to be standing in line for a signing and randomly met!!

I also got to meet this great teen blogger, who I have been friends with for a few years. I didn't know she was going to be there, and just happened to see her.  LUCK was on my side!

This is Rachel from Rachel's book reviews.

I had a great time, and SO glad that I had these business cards made.

Best Money I ever spent. I made a lot of great contacts with the publishers and these really came in handy.  Vista print is the best.

The Convention was great, the trip to Vegas with my MOM gave me memories I will never forget.  I am so hoping I can go to San Francisco next year.

If you ever get a chance to go.....DO IT!!


  1. Eeeeep!! Michele, you are too sweet. Thank you for the mention! It was an absolute pleasure meeting you and I can't wait to hopefully see you again later this year!! <3

  2. Looks like you had a fun time at ALA. I might go to ALA one of these years. I hope you love all your new books.

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