Saturday, December 28, 2013

Contrition by Lee Strauss Review

Title: Contrition

Author: Lee Strauss

Publish Date: Published September 17th 2013

Zoe, Noah and the other plane crash survivors are stranded in the Arizona desert. They all have secrets and reasons to hide. But they’re not alone. Cyborg soldiers...war...humans and humanoids. Who can be trusted? Zoe’s life is in danger. Noah must make an impossible choice. Will their love survive their brokenness? Will the world as they know it end before they can find out?

Contrition is the last book in the Perception Series. 

 Contrition takes the series to its peak with its amazing characters and suspenseful conclusion. I have fallen head over heels for the characters in this series. The hardships and obstacles that they both have had to endure but managed to conquer completes with its incredible imagination and writing. 

 Zoe and Noah find themselves against betrayal and hardships. And doubt that their love for each other will survive. I just adore this series. It has so much adventure and twists and turns, Its difficult to put down. The whole dystopia society is original and creatively thought out. The characters Zoe and Noah meet along the way have so many different personalities, it makes it so real. 

 It’s a FUN FUN FUN read, and luckily for you, all three books in the series is now out, so you can continue with this amazing story from beginning to end.

My Over All Rating:

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