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Provex City Blog Tour

Title: Provex City

 Author: Michael Pierce

Publish Date: Published March 5th 2012

Fifteen-year-old Oliver Grain begins his school year fighting off bullies, learning about the boy who committed suicide in his room, and trying to understand why his history teacher, Mr. Gordon, has taken such a personal interest in him. Do you believe in ghosts? Do you believe you can make bullies simply disappear? Do you believe you can walk through walls? Mr. Gordon tells Oliver: "When you truly believe anything is possible, you will be able to open doors where there were only walls." And one of those doors leads Oliver to Provex City, which puts him in far greater danger than he can possibly fathom.
Provex City enables you to believe that anything is possible.

 Oliver Grain and his family move into a new home. Later, they will discover that a teenage boy committed suicide in one of the bedrooms. That bedroom just happens to be the one that Oliver has chosen.

 Oliver decides to stay in the room because he doesn’t want to be picked on by his older brother. Oliver experiences some unexplained events in his room, which makes him believe the distraught boy is still hanging around. As Oliver is trying to deal with this and sharing the experiences with his friends, he is also dealing with bullies at school that continuously make his life miserable.

 One of Oliver’s teachers, Mr. Gordon, realizes Oliver’s turmoil, and reaches out to help. This begins Oliver’s training.

 I was pleasantly surprised how in depth Provex City was. The training sessions with Mr. Gordon really made you think. A person only uses 20% of their brain which makes you wonder what the other 80% can do. I really felt this story was unique. The plots really kept you on your toes. And I do say plots because there were several going on at once: ghosts, bullies, training…and they all seemed to weave together. Oliver receives help from an unexpected source. His new friends were loyal and fun. Provex City is a remarkable place to visit. It was definitely a fun read and was refreshing to work your mind a bit. I have to admit, I had to read through the training sessions a few times to totally grasp the depth of consciousness…and that’s a good thing!!
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About the Author

Michael Pierce lives in Southern California with his wife, daughter, and two ultra-protective Chiweenies. Provex City is his debut novel and the first book in the young adult fantasy Lorne Family Vault Series.

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to read and review Provex City! Your wonderful review is a great way to end the tour and I'm thrilled you enjoyed it. Thank you so much for being a part of it. :)

  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed the book! I think about that fact that we only use 20% of our brain all the time. I really think if we can tap into more we can do amazing things. Maybe Proved City stretched it a bit, but really maybe there are parallel universes we cant see. That stuff is crazy, but I love how much it makes you think.
    Thanks so much for your wonderful review and hosting a tour stop!

  3. Thanks for hosting the giveaway. Your review makes it sound like a winner to me.

  4. I could lose myself in that cover.