Contact me

Welcome to all the insane book readers!!

If you would like to contact me, please email me at

insaneaboutbooks at gmail dot com

I just wanted to let the Authors who contact me know that I am way behind on reviews.

I have not been responding to emails until I am ready to contact you. I am sorry for this, but I work full time and have a family of three children, so sometimes I'm really busy.  I appreciate all the contacts that I have received.

I accept ebooks for Kindle, which can be in mobi or PDF format. I will NEVER share or pass your books off to anyone.  I highly respect you!

I also LOVE signed books.  So if you do send me a print copy, Please sign!!

I will give a most honest review.

This is a hobby and passion for me.


At this time, I will not take anymore review requests until I get all caught up with emails I have received.  Thanks for being patient with me!

I can however, post spotlights, promos, excerpts, cover reveals etc with no problems at all, So just let me know if you need some help spreading the word!