Friday, June 28, 2019

Terry Brooks SIgning

Terry Brooks Signing

So a few weeks ago, I got to meet one of my all time FAVORITE author, Terry Brooks, of the Shannara Series.  Truly a dream come true.

I first started reading this series when I was 15 years old. I'm a little older than that now.

I got my oldest son into reading his books and he is a fan now too.

I took a total of 9 books with me to sign.  Plus a few book plates. He also signed a book sleeve for me that I thought was pretty awesome!!

I thought I brought a lot of books with me, I was blown away by his fans. There were several that brought Totes and duffle bags FULL of his books....He was so amazing, took time with each reader, and truly listened to them.

One thing that I found amazing that I didn't know is that he grew up and lived in a town that is about 30 minutes away from me and I had NO IDEA!!

If you ever get the chance to attend, GO.....He was funny and down to earth.

Also got to listen to him read from a new project that he is working on. A new fantasy series....that sounds ..... well, it's Terry....AMAZING!!

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