Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Killfile by Christopher Farnsworth On Sale TODAY


It features a psychic soldier-for-hire named John Smith, a man with a gift that's more like a curse: the ability to read minds. His talent once made him one of the CIA's top operatives, but he left the agency to go into business for himself, solving the problems of the people rich enough to afford his special skills. Now Smith finds himself running for his life when he goes up against a boy-genius software billionaire who will kill to keep Smith from getting inside his head.
You can read the first chapter of the novel here. And if you like it, you can order it from AmazonBarnes & NobleBooks-A-MillioniBooksKobo, or from your local independent bookstore through IndieBound.
Here are some early reviews of KILLFILE:
Kirkus Reviews: A "flip, unusually compelling hero... Farnsworth stands to expand his following with this clever, offbeat thriller."
The Big Thrill Magazine: "Farnsworth’s creation of John Smith is masterful... Within the first couple of pages, Smith’s world was reality for me. Add in relentless action and humor drier than martini-dissolved bone, and you have a winner."
Publishers Weekly: "John’s psychic abilities save them time and again in a series of entertaining variations on mental suggestion and illusion, convincing would-be assassins to overlook his presence and attack one another."
Kings River Life Magazine: "Farnsworth keeps the pace pedal pressed to the metal creating a thrill ride worthy of an amusement park or a movie screen."
The early readers on Amazon also like it: "Start this novel and you won't put it down. I recommend it highly." "Killfile had me missing TV shows, avoiding the internet, and missing out on sleep – very sticky indeed!" "I zoomed through this book, enjoying every minute of it... I'm not usually a fan of series books but I'd like to read more about John Smith in future adventures."
KILLFILE also made The Verge and Kirkus Reviews' lists of top sci-fi and fantasy titles for August.

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