Sunday, July 10, 2016

Spotlight: Kingdom's End by Charles D. Blanchard

Kingdom’s End is an adventure story where the main characters are rodents.  The setting is an abandoned motion picture palace from the 1920s that has been closed for thirty years and is set for demolition. It is here where the characters make their massive colony and fight to protect it.
The story deals with their struggle to survive in a dark urban landscape and the threats posed against them from both man and beast. It is exciting and complex and an easy read with strong characters and narrative that makes you feel their plight.
There are many conflicts. Among them, a plot within the colony to overthrow the aged blind leader by an ambitious ruthless soldier and a good deal of the story involves how he goes about it.  Later, the plot is discovered as forces work against the perpetrator.  

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Charles D. Blanchard

I am a native New Yorker, currently living in Mt. Vernon NY. 

2010 saw the publication of my debut novel, Mourning Doves After The Fire. 

My second novel, Kingdom's End, an adventure about city dwelling rats, is now published.

Writing is what I do. I am currently working on my third novel.

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