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The Urban Boys by K.N. Smith Blog Tour, Review and GIveaway


The Urban Boys by K.N. Smith
Blog Tour February 1 – 14, 2016


Author: K.N. Smith
Pages: 292

Release Date: September 29th, 2015
Publisher: Two Petals Publishing


The Urban Boys: Discovery of the Five Senses is an action-adventure story about five teen boys who are mysteriously exposed to a foreign energy source that gives them extremely heightened senses. Sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell become hypersensitive gifts that forever change the world. The story chronicles their effortless interrelations and later exposes the testing of their deep bonds. It introduces the reader to an array of supporting characters who alter the boys’ lives forever. The Urban Boys offers young and mature readers central themes of loyalty, responsibility, honesty, fear, and triumph, which become artfully integrated with cinematic-level action and high drama. The story twists, turns, and grinds through elements of paranormal and action-adventure in a diverse, exciting, edge-of-your-seat narrative!

Overview: The story’s small town of Danville Heights, a carefully crafted universe, contrasts with the dark, gloomy town of Sandry Lake, where evil abounds. Upon the boys’ mysterious incident with the energy source, they’re instinctively called to Sandry Lake to root out evil. Their senses guide them each time. However, secrecy about their mission, furious battles with evil thugs, extreme fatigue, and stress and pressure soon overwhelm the boys, but they must find a way to embrace their fate. A lurking, Dark Stranger seems to know their plight, and a strikingly beautiful, fearless girl lends way to heightened confusion. Shocking details about these two characters, and the evil antagonist, the dreaded Druth, twist and grind the story even further.
Despite tension and fierce battles, will the boys hold it together long enough to fulfill their destiny?

Intriguing, intelligent, and full of action, The Urban Boys: Discovery of the Five Senses offers a memorable, emotion-packed, thrilling ride for young and mature readers alike!



My Review

First of all, the Urban Boys by K.N. Smith will prove how beautiful the English language is.  I was compelled from the very beginning, drawn into the depth of the story with it's unique description.  It made me realize my personal limitations of vocabulary.  I am in awe.

After a huge win by the Danville Heights football team, a group of five best friends decide to enter into a forest that was forbidden.  They encounter something they can't explain.  With a bond deeper than friendship, they can sense each other, each having a sense heightened, and are drawn to the evil that is torturing the neighboring town Sandry Lake.

In this story, you learn history about each boy and I find that very important.  It makes their character more real.  You learn how close the boys are, and the loyalty they have for each other.  There is a lot of mystery that gradually reveals throughout the story, just enough to keep you hooked.  Crazy plot twists and action will keep you at the edge of your seat as the past and present collide.  

The whole setting of the story felt so real.  The trust the boys had with each other to blindly go where their senses pulled them was astounding with not understanding the why. With the beautiful words that seemed as smooth as glass, this fast paced novel is a must read.  The creative descriptions need to be embraced by all.


K.N. Smith is an American author and passionate advocate of childhood and family literacy programs throughout the world. She continues to inspire students of all ages to reach their highest potential in their literary and educational pursuits. Her creative, lyrical flair sweeps across pages that twist, turn, and grind through elements of paranormal and action-adventure in diverse, exciting, edge-of-your-seat narratives. K.N. Smith has over twenty years' experience in writing, communications, and creative design. She lives with her family in California.



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