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Bone Labyrinth by James Rollins (A Sigma Force Novel) Review

Published December 15th 2015 by William Morrow


A war is coming, a battle that will stretch from the prehistoric forests of the ancient past to the cutting-edge research labs of today, all to reveal a true mystery buried deep within our DNA, a mystery that will leave readers changed forever . . .

In this groundbreaking masterpiece of ingenuity and intrigue that spans 50,000 years in human history, New York Timesbestselling author James Rollins takes us to mankind’s next great leap.

But will it mark a new chapter in our development . . . or our extinction?

In the remote mountains of Croatia, an archaeologist makes a strange discovery:  a subterranean Catholic chapel, hidden for centuries, holds the bones of a Neanderthal woman. In the same cavern system, elaborate primitive paintings tell the story of an immense battle between tribes of Neanderthals and monstrous shadowy figures. Who is this mysterious enemy depicted in these ancient drawings and what do the paintings mean?

Before any answers could be made, the investigative team is attacked, while at the same time, a bloody assault is made upon a primate research center outside of Atlanta. How are these events connected? Who is behind these attacks?  The search for the truth will take Commander Gray Pierce of Sigma Force 50,000 years into the past. As he and Sigma trace the evolution of human intelligence to its true source, they will be plunged into a cataclysmic battle for the future of humanity that stretches across the globe . . . and beyond.

With the fate of our future at stake, Sigma embarks on its most harrowing odyssey ever—a breathtaking quest that will take them from ancient tunnels in Ecuador that span the breadth of South America to a millennia-old necropolis holding the bones of our ancestors. Along the way, revelations involving the lost continent of Atlantis will reveal true mysteries tied to mankind’s first steps on the moon. In the end, Gray Pierce and his team will face to their greatest threat: an ancient evil, resurrected by modern genetic science, strong enough to bring about the end of man’s dominance on this planet.

Only this time, Sigma will falter—and the world we know will change forever.

My Review

So, this is my FIRST James Rollins book I have ever read.  I must say, I really enjoyed this book and the rest of the Sigma Force novels are on my list to read.  Bone Labyrinth is the 11th, yes, 11th in this series.  Needless to say I was thrilled to discover that!  So, if you are like me, you can definitely read this book without having read the previous ones in the series.

Please read the Blurb above from Goodreads.  I don't want to do any spoilers for this book.

Once I started reading this story, I was pulled in and held in a vise.   This fast paced thriller has it all.  Science, Genetics, Anthropology, ancient remains, and lost cities all tied in to create a brilliant exciting read that will tickle your imagination.  

James did a fantastic job creating all the clues to the several mysteries going on in this read.  I honestly didn't know which direction this story was going.  At the very end of the book, is a Truth or Fiction section from the author. Thank You for that.

This story is filled with so many *gasp* moments....the words disappeared from the pages and I was experiencing this adventure right along with the main characters.

If you love prehistoric, ancient artifacts, and myths ... this is a story for you.  I am now a James Rollins fan!

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