Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Book Signing Anomaly by Tonya Kuper and Giveaway

So, while I was in Chicago for ALA midwinter, one of my favorite authors was going to be local doing signings and school visits.  Tonya Kuper, author of Anomaly.

I was heartbroken...I didn't want to miss her...and every plan we kept making was falling through..

I first met Tonya at the ALA Vegas convention, and we became quick friends, and realized after talking for a while, we are from the same area!!  Like....20 miles from each other...

However, I finally was able to go to her signing/talk at the Warren County Library, were I surprised her.  It was so much fun to see her and listen how her story became a reality for her.

Tonya signing my book!

Tonya is so cool, fun and bubbly, I am so glad that we have become friends.

We went out to dinner together, and talked for hours and laughed most of the time.  It truly meant so much to me.

For some reason, I only brought my book with me to get signed, when I have another to give away.  So I had Tonya sign a book plate to put into a book, that I am going to giveaway with some Anomaly swag.

You need to read this book....its so good!!

You can ALSO purchase Anomaly HERE on AMAZON.

This giveaway is for US only.  Please enter and give Tonya some love!

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  1. That's so cool! I had the same experience when I went to a tiny convention in Vegas a few years back. I got the chance to meet an author who I'd chatted with on Twitter and we wound up hanging out after the convention book signing was over. It so cool when you get to meet an author who is not only down to earth but that you click with.
    Kristin @ Book Sniffers Anonymous

  2. I loved this book, and Tonya is always so fun and gracious on Facebook. Thanks for the chance!

  3. Awww!! Michele (with one "L" - I'll always remember you introducing yourself that way at ALA) - thank you so much for making a debut author feel lucky and loved!! I've had a blast getting to know you and hanging out. You've made my journey into publication that much richer. A pile of thanks for being a fan and friend! <3

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