Friday, January 23, 2015

Mugs of Love by Norma Jeanne Karlsson Review

Published December 22nd 2014 by It's Publishing


Serving promise, one cup at a time. 

When his world came crashing down around him, Garrett Sharp didn’t run. He stood like the man he is and took his punishment. Eight years later, he finds himself in a new life. It’s not the life he grew up believing he would live, but it’s a life all the same, albeit numb and empty. Well, not entirely.

Every day across the street from his furniture store, Garrett steals moments full of warmth from Emily Garner. As she floats happily through her coffee shop, Emily provides him glimpses into her soul. She’s pure and full of life in a way Garrett’s never experienced. He’s never heard her voice and doesn’t know the color of her eyes. But he knows she lights up like a beacon when she serves coffee to couples on their first dates. Emily can feel the tingles of new love even when she’s not the one experiencing the thrill. And Garrett can feel Emily’s joy from across the street.

When Emily finally enters Garrett’s store for the first time six months after he opens, both their lives change. Garrett must battle the demons of his past to be a man worthy of the woman he’s fallen for from afar. Emily has to move beyond her ex-boyfriend and his betrayals to find trust again. If it were only the past challenging Emily and Garrett, their story would be easy.

Life is never easy.

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My Review

First of all, if you know ANYTHING about Norma's style of writing, she is the QUEEN of writing about Alpha males.  I knew better than to be disappointed with Mugs of Love.  AND, if you think Mugs of Love is going to be a sappy novel, think again.

Did you read the Synopsis?

Emily is sweet, cute and just happy with life.  She loves to watch couples get together at the "date table", as she sometimes give the nervous customers a little boost of encouragement.  Emily has her life together, however she is having problems with an ex that just doesn't seem to get the hint.  When she meets Garrett, her world turns upside down with want and possibilities.

First off, this story is full of suspense and awesome twists.  It is fast paced, and I found it completely difficult to put down.  Emily's rambling when she is around Garrett is extremely funny and honest.  I love how he makes her squirm.  I just love Emily's personality.  Garrett is hot, has a dramatic past, however is trying to live right.  Emily is just what he needs in his life, whether he wants her to be or not....and OH how he can't get her out of his head.  This story is not what you expected.  It has dark moments, excitement, and keeps you at the edge of your seat.  I just LOVE the unexpected!!  And this novel has a lot of it!  I fell for all the characters in this story.  Each has a unique personality, and it is amazing how they all clicked together perfectly.

I love Norma's style of writing. I can't get enough.  How she comes up with her plots is just amazing....and how she can make one word seem so sexy is incredible.  "Mouth"

You need to read Mugs of Love.  Read EVERYTHING Norma writes.

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