Wednesday, November 5, 2014

BLACKNESS WITHIN by Norma Jeanne Karlsson Review

Title: Blackness Within

Author: Norma Jeanne Karlsson
Publish Date: Published September 30th 2014

This is the story of a woman that has worked tirelessly to build her own life from nothing. While the task has been exhaustive, it’s been worth every drop of sweat to earn her own slice of normal. Natasha Reynolds has built a life beyond an absent mother and a drug addict brother to become a home-owning, dog-loving nurse. But no matter how much distance she puts between the present and her past, she always finds herself dealing with the messes of those she loves. Once again, a hasty decision to save her beloved brother’s life has put Natasha in peril. With nowhere to turn, she goes to the only place she has left.

Brian O’Sullivan.

He’s an attorney, a ladies’ man and nothing but trouble. Natasha has spent two and a half years avoiding Brian’s smoldering grin and his smooth pickup lines. While he spends his days in courtrooms and suits, Brian would much rather be bloodying his knuckles and relishing in the crushing of bones. In order to help Natasha, he will have to be both the professional and the fighter. As Brian demolishes opponents, Natasha will struggle to hang onto her life. They will be ripped apart by the evil underbelly of the crime world and wage a war to escape the blackness within it that threatens to swallow them whole.
I can not even  BEGIN to tell you how excited I am for Blackness Within.  This is Sully's story.  One of the three major men that have been in Kid's life. And Sully doesn't disappoint.

As with all stories in the series, this one intensifies the heat and blackness that surrounds Sully.

Sully has been trying to make Natasha one of his randoms for about three years.  She always rejects him with grace, not yielding to his charm.  Sully is not used to rejection....EVER...and Natasha just ignites the flame in Sully even more.  However, when Natasha finds herself in trouble, she turns to Sully for legal advise, and he finds himself falling into a blackness he never saw coming.

Blackness Within is full of darkness....intense darkness.  This story will surprise you with all the twists, turns, and incredible plot.  It is one of those stories that will leave you thinking LONG after its over.  It is no secret how much I love this series.  I have fallen for all he characters in this series.  This family, this unconventional family will leave you in awe of the devotion to one another.  Love, loyalty, and bad ass family members that will do whatever necessary to keep the family intact and happy.  I am drawn into Kid's world and I don't want to leave.

Blackness Within is so incredible brilliant with the drama and action.  Put in Kav's humor, and all the hot men and strong women in this story, and you can't have ANYTHING but an amazing action novel that will have you gripping the e-reader with intense anticipation.  When I start one of these stories, I seriously never want it to end.  

My Over All Rating:

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