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A Touch of Nerves Blog Tour, Random Things, Review and Giveaway

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--New novel explores America’s role in the Middle East

When Army Captain Ben Hawkins discovers chemical weapons missing from a military research facility, he begins an investigation into preventing a possible terrorist attack. The suspects? Two rogue Iranian agents who blame the deaths of their family members on the United States. What Hawkins doesn’t expect is to find himself forced to decide whether to risk his career—and possible arrest—to stop the attack, even if it means working with a foreign agent.

D.C. Hampton’s debut novel, A Touch of Nerves, may be set on the battlefield of America’s “War on Terror,” but the book is a far cry from your typical action narrative. Inspired by his two sons who served in Iraq and the Persian Gulf during the Iraq War and his own time serving in the U.S. Army, Hampton brings depth and humanity to characters that might otherwise be painted in the two-dimensional “hero” or “villain” archetypes. With Hampton’s passion for history and global affairs, A Touch of Nerves brings a fresh perspective to the long history of tension between the United States and Iran.

“I wanted to write a story that was worth telling, realistic and suspenseful,” says Hampton. “I believe the book is entertaining, but it also sheds light on the complex relationship between Iran and the United States and explores the complex emotions and issues that drive some individuals to commit terrible acts.”

“The story includes a wealth of details as Hampton weaves a complex plot,” writes Kirkus Reviews. “A conceivable threat and suspense-filled plot keep readers engaged until the end. Hampton eschews the genre’s typical plot holes and vague facts and his handle on international relations gives the terrorists credible motivations.”

My Review

A Touch of Nerves is the best title for this story. In the suspenseful plot, it will test your nerves, and make you dwell on what situations and investigations that might have transpired in the past, present and future.

Like I said, this story is suspenseful and truly planned out.   When Captain Ben Hawkins travels to a military facility to investigate some discrepancies, little did he know how it would change into a possible terrorist attack and definitely change his life, and many other lives in the story.  Ben Hawkins goes in deeper than he should, however his informant delivers.  

The story is unique, starting out with different stories, which beautifully blends into the major plot.  I found this very important for the entire story, because it guides you to the reasons the two Iranian terrorists believe their cause is important.  Technology is a big part of how information is obtained, and I found that very interesting. WOW, it is amazing.  Ben is a strong character.  He isn't scared to go beyond the rules to save the country he serves.  I do love how the author made this character more than an Army soldier, but also a human civilian by his dates with his fiance, and their conversations.  To me, this made the character more like a real person.

I really enjoyed this story.  I was pleased for stepping outside my box, and reading something different for me.  It has action that I love, and oh my, there is a twist at the end that I would have NEVER seen coming....well, I didn't see it coming.  haha

THANK YOU D C Hampton, and also to your two sons for your service.


D.C. Hampton holds an MA and PhD in Audiology from Columbia University and has been published extensively in the field. He has done graduate work in history and has always been interested in international relations. Though he has been extensively published in medical and trade publications, A Touch of Nerves is his first foray into fiction.

Ten Random Things About Me

Favorite color:  Green

More of a country mouse than a city mouse

I prefer quiet places to noisy places—dinner at home rather than out at a restaurant

Love to play the piano—just don’t play it very well

Jazz, music of the 60’s, Latin music, classical…but no hip hop rap, please

I prefer participating to watching—playing a sport rather than watching

Spent a month in Vietnam in 1968—just not with the Army.

Independent—rules are OK if they make sense

Pretty good listener since I don’t feel the need to talk about myself; even this list is a challenge

I like subtle wordplays and puns more than outright jokes

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