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The Field Book Nerd Tour, Review, and Giveaway


Welcome to the Official Blog Tour for THE FIELD by Tracy Richardson
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Eric Horton has been having disturbing nightmares of explosions and fire and someone screaming. The dreams keep him up at night, but during the day, as a goalkeeper on his high school’s varsity soccer team, he has been unbeatable, saving shot after shot with what feels like a supernatural awareness of where the ball is headed. He also shares an uncommonly strong connection with Renee, the attractive new French exchange student. The wild visions and synchronicities pale in comparison to the strange experiments Renee’s father is carrying out in the physics lab at the university, however. He has asked Eric to take part in the tests, which makes Eric question whether what he is seeing and hearing is reality or something far beyond it. When his friend Will develops a drinking problem and Renee starts flirting with other guys, Eric loses his confidence on the soccer field and in himself. If he is going to pull it all together, he will have to tap into a part of himself that he never knew existed.
Praise For THE FIELD
“Readers will appreciate the fast-paced, compelling drama. A good choice for people who hope there’s more to space than space”. ~ Kirkus Reviews
The Field is a compellingly honest slice of life with fully dimensional characters whose struggles and triumphs matter and touch you deeply. Richardson is a worthy heir to Madeleine L’Engle, whose 1962 fantasy fiction novel, A Wrinkle in Time, introduced serious scientific concepts in a book for young adults, and to boot placed a girl in the center of the story. While L’Engle unfolds concepts of space and time and thrusts her characters into an unknown fifth-dimension, Richardson’s characters physically stay put yet intellectually travel beyond ordinary consciousness to delve into concepts of dark energy, collective [un]consciousness and universal energy fields. ~ 4 Stars ~ Rita Kohn, NUVO Newsweekly
A combination of the real world of soccer and the mystical world of the Universal Energy Field. This is a very imaginative novel. ~ Bookviews by Alan Caruba
About The Author
Tracy Richardson is the author of  THE FIELD (Moonbeam Award winner)  and INDIAN SUMMER. Her realistic fiction also delves into science fiction, just to keep things interesting. When she has free time, you will likely find her painting furniture, knitting scarves, gardening or whipping up gourmet meals for her vegetarian, no-carb, omnivore family. Ernie, her Jack Russell  Terrier, will eat anything.

My Review

The Field is so much more than just a book about soccer.  It holds within it's pages the loyalties of friendships, beginning love, and that element of surprise that makes you ponder what may actually exist in the universe.

Eric is an American boy all the way. He has gained a position on the varsity soccer team, has a great group of friends, and starts a relationship with the new girl from France, Renee. He has a unique sense of knowing when something is going to happen, and learns to tap into this with his sessions with Renee's father, who is a scientist doing a study at the university.  However, as his best friend becomes distant, he has a feeling of doom that something is about to happen.  Eric will learn that the universe holds many secrets that can't be explained.

The Field was a fun and fast easy read that gives you that satisfaction when you finish.  It has that mystery of "The Field", which you will discover is more than the soccer field.  It truly made me ponder the mysteries of the universe, and how there could be, and I'm sure IS, more than our imagination can fathom.  It was refreshing to read without too much drama.  Eric and Renee's relationship was sweet, and you learn how much that connection means to Eric.  Even with Eric's best friend, Will's problem with drinking, and the reason why, Eric never gave up.  His loyality shines at the end.

So, yeah, give this one a go for sure.  I was pleasantly surprised with the sci-fi element, and loved how it was all wrapped together.



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