Monday, August 12, 2013

Title: Murder and Mayhem in Goose Pimple Junction

 Author: Amy Metz Publish Date: Published August 5th 2012 by Iconic Publishing, LLC

When Tess Tremaine starts a new life in the colorful town of Goose Pimple Junction, she thinks she's moved to a quiet little burg. Curiosity leads her to look into a seventy-five-year-old murder, and suddenly she's learning the foreign language of southern speak, resisting her attraction to local celebrity Jackson Wright, and dealing with more mayhem than she can handle.
Humor and mystery…who knew the combination would orchestrate an amazing read! 

 This story is about Tess, a middle aged woman with a grown son, and recently divorced. She is starting a new life in the small southern town of Goose Pimple Junction. She is a romance author, who lands a job in a local book store. She buys a house that has some ties to an old cold case murder, and finds a key. She meets local hottie, Jackson, who is also an author. Tess can’t deny her attraction to him, and eventually confides in him when strange things starts to happen at her house. Together, they decide to try and solve the case. 

 This story was such a fun read. It had so much southern humor, with the slang, you just can’t help falling in love with it. Before each chapter begins, there is a southern word, how to pronounce it, and its meaning. It was completely brilliant. The cold case murder is actually based on a true story. The mystery was exciting how the clues eventually started to piece together. It is a fun and fast paced read, and I would highly recommend it. It contains some creative characters that you completely fall in love with…Pickle…you just have to check him out and the crazy shirts that he wears! You just can’t help chuckle while reading this story, even with the seriousness of the mystery!

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  1. Thank you so much, Michele, for a fantastic review! I'm having so much trouble with the publisher right now, it's nice to have a reason to smile. I'm so glad you liked the book!

  2. Michele, I just wanted to thank you again for that fabulous review and tell you that Murder & Mayhem in Goose Pimple Junction has been re-released and I hope to have Heroes & Hooligans in Goose Pimple Junction out in about a month. Let me know if you'd like an ARC--I'll be happy to send you a e-copy.