Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Patagonia: City of Ghosts Review

Title: Patagonia: City of Ghosts
 Author: Madison Daniel and Rue Volley

Publish Date: Published May 16th 2013 by Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing

Meet Paige, a girl who would love to just live a normal life, but after a hellish invasion of earth by enemies not yet seen, she finds herself thrown into survival mode.

She will have to battle to maintain some sort of humanity. Fighting for lifegiving water as the earth dies all around her she encounters a stranger, a boy by the name of Fin, who will show her things she never imagined possible.

What if the world you knew was a lie? Welcome to Patagonia, city of ghosts.
How two authors mesh their creative minds together to create an intense filled story, I will never know. However, Madison Daniel and Rue Volley comes thru with an original sci-fi dystopia story that will put your brain in overload. 

 Paige has learned to be a fighter…the world is in chaos. You have to learn how to fight to survive, or die trying. This story isn’t even close to what you expect. Another Sci-fi, another Dystopia, yabba dabba do…in my opinion, I can’t get enough. HOWEVER, this story takes a direction you least expect. My only disappointment is that it wasn’t long enough, because a creative imagination by two authors that conceive a story like this should never end….but…and here’s the but, I know there will be MORE so that makes me incredibly happy. 

 It’s fast paced, dark, unexpected, twists and turns galore. It makes me want to pull out the thesaurus so I can come up with some original words to describe this unique, eccentric, original, exceptional, unconventional story. (there, the Thesaurus is out) It’s one of those reads that definitely takes you to another world, where you can lose yourself and just not think. Thanks Mad Dan and Rue, I look forward to the next installment, which, I hope is soon. Get a Crackin!!

My Over All Rating: 

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  1. Your review is an awesome tease! Now I have to read this!