Friday, November 23, 2012

RELEASED TODAY!!! Downpour by Madison Daniel Review

Title: Downpour
Author: Madison Daniel

Publish Date: November 23rd 2012 by Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing

A little sister lost. A family tree withered. A journey to save the past. Max Valentine is a walking supernova. On the run and searching for answers, his light darkens. Dark skies on the horizon make his next chapter ominous. His powers are fading but still he pushes toward the storm. Embers still burn but can he survive this one truth... is eternal but the heart is not.

Downpour rocks the words right of the page as the Ember series intensifies. 

 Max is drifting. He has been gone for months not knowing his true destination. Drifting away from his only family, and recently new friends, and the destruction of his feelings. He finds himself at his little sister’s grave, and tries to make peace with himself. 

 Max then decides that he must find Asia. The last time Asia saw Max, she thought he was dead. But how can he find her? Max has no idea where she could be. Unless, he tracks the storm. 

 When Asia and Max reunite, Asia can’t be happier. The world is their playground. Living carelessly and at large, promises are made. However, that will eventually change when Max decides to call home after months of silence only to find out that his uncle is very sick and in the hospital. 

 Max finally goes home to see his uncle, and runs into Sam in the hallway. Sam is shocked to see him. However, Max receives the biggest shock of all with Sam’s news. 

 However, that is a ripple in the pond compared to what Max will have to deal with next. The past comes back to haunt not only him, but others that he loves. 

No other words can describe this story except for: Action…betrayal….action…heartache…action….loyalty…I can go back and forth with this for hours. The love triangle between Max, Asia and Sam is far from over. Even though Sam has begun to move on, she is more determined than ever to never give up on Max. This story ROCKED from beginning to end….never a dull moment. The plot easily sucks you in for the intense drama and chaos that seems to swirl around Max at his every move. There is no doubt that Downpour is an emotional read. It pulls so many emotions from you, you will be awed, mesmerized, shocked and just plain out shout…OMG! So many characters in this whole series you just completely love, and others you just love to hate. This story ends with a powerful cliffhanger and a hunger for more. So, are you Team Asia or Team Sam?

My Over All Rating:

Ember and Downpour are so unique that each chapter has it's own song.  You have a playlist created right there for you for this incredible series.  Madison Daniel is a ROCK STAR!

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AND  Downpour is LIVE, I will add that link too!
Here are some Ember series goodness that I stole from Madison himself!!

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