Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pleasing the Mob Review

Title: Pleasing the Mob

 Author: Essence Birdall

Publish Date: Published September 28th 2012

Set in 1930, a young man finds himself in debt with the worst people in the city-the mob. When he is told that the mob head wishes to see him, both him and his girlfriend are terrified. Nonetheless, the meeting goes on, but will the two make it out alive? This is the debut short story of the young new author, Essence Birdsall. Her first novel is currently in the works. If you enjoyed this story, there are more coming soon.

This is a short story written by my cousin Essence Birdsall. She is a High school student with a love for writing, and has been currently working on her first novel for the past two years.

 This is a short story about a young man who borrows money from the mob. He has been making his payments regularly. However, the mob King decides he wants more money.

 I really enjoyed this story. Yes, I might be a little biased because Essence is my cousin, but I found that she really has a talent and I see a bright future for her.  For being a teenager, she captured the 1930 setting and atmosphere perfectly.

My Over All Rating:

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