Monday, May 21, 2012

Character Interview with Claudia of Crossroads and Tour Wrap Up

As the Crossroads Saga Tour comes to a close, I thought it would be a treat to interview Claudia!!

Thanks so much Claudia for giving my your time. I just have a few questions for you!!

 1. Was it difficult to hear the loss of your friend?

 Yes it was. I never imagined I would lose a friend at such an early age. She had a whole life a head of her. It’s a tragedy the way she passed away. It feels like a dream. It doesn’t matter how long it has been since her death, the pain is still there. 

 2. What were your first thoughts when you entered Crossroads?

 I went to Crossroads through my dreams. When I crossed over, I saw the most beautiful place I had ever seen. A feel of tranquility ran through me and when I meet Michael, I knew I was really dreaming…lol!!! Little did I know it wasn’t a dream at that moment. 

 3. Was it hard to grasp that Michael is part Angel?

 At first it was. It was difficult to grasp angels and humans could create a child because it was forbidden. But when I found out there were many, I got used to the idea. Perhaps there are many living in human world. They may not know. 

4. Describe your attraction to Michael?

 When we first met, our eyes locked. I couldn’t peal my eyes off him. He was mysterious, arrogant with a wonderful heart. As I got to know him better, I found out he was just as beautiful in the inside as he was on the outside. What I love about Michael is that he loves me and would do anything for me. Just as I would for him….blush! 

 5. What is your fondest memory of you and Michael?

 The fondest memory would be when he took me to the waterfall. He opened up to me, pouring out his heart and soul. I love it when guys can talk to you like a friend. It was also the first time he took me flying…magnificent…took my breath away. 

6. Do you feel safe with Michael and the other alkins protecting you?

No doubt about it. They have proven their powerful skills over and over. I wish I could fight like them…lol!!! 

 Thank you for this wonderful interview and the fantastic Crossroads Saga Blog Tour. I’m looking forward to the next new chapters in my life.

I am SO excited that I had the chance to organize this tour.  I would like to thank Mary for an incredible story that I absolutely love, and for all the blogs that participated, THANK YOU, for making this experience GREAT!!

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