Friday, October 27, 2017

The Sacred Knights (The Angel Knights #3) by @MaryTing

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The Chosen Knights think they’ve found all the clues, but the last one leads them to yet another destination. They astral travel back to the massive destruction of the Knights Templar and find a missing element. As they decipher the final puzzle piece, Cyrus continues to grow his army. 

A powerful volcano in Hawaii erupts, and inhabitants are forced to stay and fight the demons or flee. Many people once believed to be dead rise to help defeat Cyrus, and Venators arrive from Crossroads to help. Time is running out, and the Chosen Knights must decide to finish what they started or leave the battle to find the Snow Queen, who some believe is the only one who can defeat Cyrus.

My Review

A powerful read packed with mystery,  The Sacred Knights continues the series with suspense and action.

Cyrus needs to be defeated...but for that to happen, all the clues need to be solved to discover the weapon left behind by the Knights Templar.  Traveling back in time, the Knights will learn more than they bargained for...making the task more difficult than they could ever imagine.  Time is ticking, with the Knights home of Hawaii threatened by an erupting volcano, more lives are in danger than just their own.

Creative imagination with plot twists that will blow your mind, this story will unravel your emotions. Characters with personality and a true soul, family thicker than blood, you will understand how their bond is unbreakable. With new characters brought in, old characters you pray will make an appearance, THIS is an action packed story that HAS IT ALL.

I have found that when I read Mary's books, it's best to do on my kindle..I can swipe a lot faster with my finger than turn a page.

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