Sunday, August 11, 2013

Lucas Ryan Versus the Hive Review

Title: Lucas Ryan Versus the Hive

 Author: Madison Daniel

Publish Date: Published 2013

The life and times of the worlds newest hero, Lucas Ryan! Madison Daniel unleashes a sci-fi adventure for the next generation. Music, monsters, other worlds...Lucas Ryan will save us all. You will believe. Newest series from YA author, Madison Daniel. Video games. Detention. Crushes. The end of the world. Your basic tale of the unlikeliest hero. Lucas Ryan SAVES!

Lucas Ryan…Teenage boy, electronic junky, and girl crusher…as in, crushing on a girl that he has never had the guts to talk to. He’s a regular fixture in the principle office. So, one day while he was in there, getting the lecture, he spies an object on the floor. Little did he know, that after picking it up, his life would become an adventure. 

 Pick me up. 

 This story starts with a bang and ends with a bang. There’s no beating around the bush for the action to start in this story. It possesses all the right ingredients for a high paced action adventure sci-fi story that will surrender your whole attention. It contains great imagination, a great group of friends for moral support, and the evil to cause the chaos. 

 Pick me up. 

 The characters devised for this story are real…real in the sense that their teenage personalities were captured brilliantly. You feel like you are in the average high school setting, with your besties on one side, and the bullies on the other. However, I loved how the bullies were drawn into the adventure, complete with bickering and all. 

 Pick me up. 

 Without giving too much away in the story, and that’s always the difficult part for me, the sci-fi adventure is original. The plot is composed in a way that you don’t discover how two worlds are linked until the very end. This, keeps my interest up for the sequel to discover more. As the story progresses, Lucas discovers more about himself after the initial pick up of the object. Special powers, unworldly beings, and an unknown war pulls the sci-fi together to become a quest. 

 Pick me up. 

 It’s a fun read, you won’t be disappointed.

My Over All Rating: 

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