Sunday, February 24, 2013

Zoey's Adventures Big Things Come In Small Packages Review

Title: Big Things Come in Small Packages (Zoey's Adventures #1) 

Author: Mary Ting

Publish Date: Published May 10th 2012 by World Castle Publishing

Hello! My name is Zoey. Do you feel like it’s difficult being a kid? We’re not grownups and we’re not babies. We’re in between, and sometimes don’t know what we’re suppose to do. Come join my friends Katie, Abby, Megan, Nathan and me. Read about my adventures at school, where I learn how to deal with problems, how to stick up for myself by using words, and that big things can come in small packages. Don’t forget to stick around for Zoey’s grammar tips!

Zoey’s first adventure is about lice….yep, I bet you said “ewe” and scratched your head, didn’t you.

 Well, that’s everyone’s thoughts about lice. Your first thought is being unclean. However, ANYONE can get lice. Zoey’s first adventure, Big Things Come In Small Packages, explains that perfectly through Zoey and her friends’ experiences. The worry about what others will think…the embarrassment…is sometimes only in the person’s thoughts that is experiencing it.

 It’s a great middle grade read that could help children of that age learn that it is okay. The pictures the children drew goes perfectly with the story. Zoe’s Adventures should be in every school library so children have access. It’s a fun and easy read that I feel ALL children would enjoy!

My Over All Rating:

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